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Vanessa Alcala


My name is Vanessa and I am an ASHA certified bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist in Tampa and proud owner of TheraVolve Wellness Co. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I received my Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of South Florida. Go Bulls! 


During my graduate career, I studied abroad at the University of São Paulo in Brazil focusing on dysphagia rehabilitation in adults as well as aural rehabilitation following cochlear implant surgery in teenagers. I participated in non-profit organizational events such as The Aphasia Recovery Connection Cruise. I also participated as an undergraduate and graduate research assistant at The University of South Florida for the effects of bilingual external visual memory aids for individuals with dementia.


During my professional career, I have provided skilled evaluation and intervention services to children, adult and geriatric populations in outpatient settings and skilled nursing. My areas of clinical expertise include neurogenic cognitive-communication disorders such as dysarthria, aphasia, acquired apraxia of speech, cognitive impairment and dysphagia, with a primary interest in bilingualism, dementia, voice and cognitive rehabilitation following stroke and traumatic brain injury. 

By identifying your unique challenges, capabilities and goals, I am able to develop a personalized and functional speech therapy plan to create sustainable change in all aspects of life. I'm so excited to begin this journey with you!



Vanessa Alcala

Affiliations and Certifications

Certified dementia practioners

Speech therapy services

Sustaining a neurological injury could impact your speech, cognition and/or swallowing.


The role of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication,  cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders.


Speech-Language Pathologists may also work with people who don't have  speech, language or swallowing disorders, but want to learn how to communicate more effectively such as other forms of communication enhancement.




Have you sustained a brain injury or stroke and now have trouble with your speech and language?

Children & Adolescents

Speech and language disorders in adolescence can have an impact on literacy skills and academic success. 


Are you experiencing changes to your memory or not quite thinking like you are used to? Is it impacting your daily life?


Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Dementia? Treatment for memory and other thinking skills may help.

Speech for Parkinson's

Have you noticed that your speech is soft? Do other have trouble understanding you

Social Communication

Are you experiencing difficulty with social interactions, job hunting or workplace success?


Are you having trouble swallowing? Dysphagia can occur due to a variety of neurological impairments.


Have you noticed changes to the loudness, pitch or quality of your voice? Do you experience vocal fatigue?

what sets us apart from other speech therapy practices?

We are bilingual!

  • Se Habla Español! 

  • We understand the complexities involved in bilingualism and the significant amount of misinformation being spread about speaking two languages.

  • We are prepared to educate and empower our bilingual families!

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