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Speech Therapy  for Cognition

Cognition can be impaired due to a stroke, brain injury or dementia, but SLP Cognitive therapy can help. Cognitive Communication Disorders are problems with communication that have an underlying cause in a cognitive deficits rather than a primary language or speech deficit.

Common Symptoms May Include...

Executive functioning

  • Difficulty initiating, planning, or organizing tasks

  • Decreased problem solving and reasoning skills

  • Poor decision-making or judgement

  • Difficulty completing day-to-day tasks such as managing finances, managing medication or using your phone


  • Inability to process abstract language/concepts

  • Difficulty with object naming

  • Trouble expressing yourself clearly


  • Trouble with short term or long-term memory

  • Trouble with orientation to person, place or time

  • Difficulty with working memory (remembering and responding to the information that was said during a conversation)

social cognition

  • Trouble understanding nonverbal cues during conversation

  • Poor insight into deficits

  • Difficulty regulating emotions


  • Difficulty focusing in noisy or loud environments

  • Inability to multi-task

  • Trouble sustaining attention on a task

  • Slow processing skills

visuospatial skills

  • Trouble with perceptual motor coordination such as hand-eye coordination and body-eye coordination

  • Visual neglect such as reading only one half of the newspaper

Sustaining a neurological injury can be life altering. Some examples include Alzheimer's, brain tumor, stroke or TBI. TheraVolve Wellness Co. specializes in cognitive rehabilitation following neurological injuries to promote improved cognitive communication skills. 

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