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Speech Therapy for Parkinson's

Speech and communication problems are common for people with Parkinson's. If you have Parkinson's, you may not be aware of the problems with your spoken communication but your loved ones may notice the changes.

There are a lot of ways that Speech Therapy can improve your  symptoms. Speech-Language Pathologists can teach you verbal and non-verbal techniques to improve your voice and speaking mechanics!

Some voice and speech difficulties associated with Parkinson's include...

  • Softened speech and reduced volume

  • Monotone speech (speaking in an unchanging pitch)

  • Abnormal vocal quality (i.e. breathy, harsh, hoarse)

  • Tremor in your voice

  • Short rushes/bursts of speech

  • Slurring of your speech

  • Loss of facial expression

TheraVolve Wellness Co. is a Licensed SPEAK OUT!® Provider, by Parkinson Voice Project.


SPEAK OUT! ® is a clinically proven and highly effective Speech Therapy program. It consists of 12 individual Speech Therapy sessions spanning 4-6 weeks based on needs of individual clients. 


In the program, the Speech Pathologist and client work togethers towards transforming speech from an automatic function to an intentional task. Program materials include the Speak Out! workbook that provides evidenced based vocal exercises, readings, and cognitive tasks. 

After clients have participated in SPEAK OUT!® speech therapy, they are highly encouraged to transition to the LOUD Crowd®, a group of Speak Out! graduates that meet weekly to practice and maintain their intentional voice. 

You have a voice and you deserve to be heard. We can help you speak with intent!

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