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Speech Therapy  for Dementia

Although there is no cure for Dementia, Speech Therapy can make a difference in how you and your family live with and respond to dementia. Speech Therapy can also maximize a person's ability to maintain independence and feel connected to themselves and others!

Dementia speech therapy services include...

Provide Education

The SLP provides patient and family education on the impacts of Dementia on cognition and language, and what can be done to maintain the person’s function and well being. 

Communication Strategies

There are many communication strategies to use to communicate positively with a person with dementia, to make yourself understood and show you care for them. 

Care Partner Training

Care Partner training is an essential component and includes training of effective communication strategies in order to reduce communication breakdowns. If applicable, training may also involve education of dietary modifications.  

Memory Aids

A person who has dementia can often become frustrated by forgetting the simple things in life (i.e. doctor's appointment, people's names, when to take medication). There are a variety of memory aids (high tech and low tech) that can be implemented and used to help alleviate some of this. frustration. 

A dementia diagnosis can be devastating. At TheraVolve Wellness Co., we believe in a holistic and compassionate approach to dementia care.

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