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FEES Stock Photos

FEES Stock Photos

This collection of stock photos captures the essence of adult speech therapy in a dynamic and empowering light. Each image tells a story of growth, resilience, and the journey back to one's self. The work we do as SLPs with the adult population is moving for all involved as we help patients reclaim their lives after unexpected interruptions to their "normal."


Through genuine moments of connection, encouragement, and breakthroughs, our images convey the transformative power of speech therapy in enhancing our patients' lives. These photos serve as a powerful tool for therapists, clinics, and advocacy groups alike to inspire hope, raise awareness, and promote the importance of accessible speech therapy services for adults everywhere.

This set highlights the ease and comfort between the FEES endoscopist and the patient. We hope that these photos will help you raise awareness about the truly life-changing expertise that you as the SLP bring to your community.

Use these photos in your social media, email marketing, website, and print marketing materials to show just how magical the work you do really is.

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