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February Healthcare Social Media Templates

February Healthcare Social Media Templates

Sharing awareness days like this one is a great way to not only spread awareness and spark conversations about relevant topics for your audience but to let them know what all you can help them with and that you're staying up to date and remain a resource for them to look to!


  • strategy-based templates for healthcare brands
  • fully customizable for your brand colors, photos, and fonts
  • customization tutorial included
  • one template, multiple platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest 


Who has heard “but my speech is fine… I don't need speech therapy!” before? The more we spread awareness about our role in various conditions, like our entirrrreee role, the more referrals SLPs everywhere will receive, the more patients we will be able to help sooner rather than later, and the more respect we will gain for our work with populations that many don't even know we can help!

Sharing valuable info pertaining to these different awareness days shows your expertise in a way that makes you valuable to them, and someone that they want to learn more from (so they follow you to continue learning from you!)

Disclaimer: However you choose to highlight national days/months, always ask yourself how you can provide value to your followers while sharing about these awareness endeavors. No posting without purpose.


Please note: A Canva subscription is required to access and edit templates.

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